I was purchased on July 7th 0f 1990 for a whopping 150.00 bucks. I was not running and had been sitting up for 8 years in a garage with a hole in the roof. I had plenty of company, squirrels, rats, and wild kids jumping on my roof. As you can see in the pictures acorns in my disassembled engine, mildew on my interior and wires gnawed in half. My owner spent $50 on parts and brought me back to life. I ran the streets of Atlanta for 2 years before going back into hibernation, due to the installation of a larger cam which lead to a dropped valve. After a 5 year nap I was fitted with a new heart , 5.0 E.F.I with the beat of 225hp per minute. I was pouncing the streets again. After a new coat of paint and a few more modifications as you can see in my window sticker I got the name RADCAT, which stands for radical cat.



Be sure and check out RadCat in the CCOA 2003 Cougar's and Kitten's Calendar. Listed under August.          

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